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Important Things You Need To Know In Golf

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Every sport has its important stuff that must be understood to be able to perform well in it. Golf is no exception. There are certain important things in golf that you need to familiarize yourself well with and understand to be able to understand the game and be a great player.


It is wrongly perceived that because golf is not really a very physical sport or a contact sport like basketball, football etc that good fitness is not required. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Fitness is very important in golf. You need to be mentally and physically fit to be at your best. Fitness is not really about strength itís about preparing your body and mind to be able to handle things. Good fitness will mean you are well exercised and that your muscles, joints, hands and your whole body and mind are prepared for the challenge ahead.

Good Etiquette

If there ever is a gentlemanís game, itís golf. Because of this, there are certain things that should be observed in the course of the game. Good golf etiquette means you donít hold other players up, you are conscious of other players, you donít make too much noise in the cause of the game distracting others, you make sure when you are swinging that nobody is in harmís way, you play with the spirit of good sportsmanship etc.

Golf Clubs

Generally there are 3 types of gold. These are woods, irons and putters. Long distances require woods as they are very good for such distances. Intermediate distances are well covered with irons. Putters are good for short distances.

In using golf clubs you need to understand what the numbers and what the clubs are best used for.

1 wood is good for making the ball go like a distance of 170 yards or more.

5 iron is useful in projecting the ball to a distance of about 100 yards.

9 iron is good for getting the ball to a distance of about 60 yards.

The thing about golf club is that even apart from their general uses you need to make the decision of which pone works best for you. So you need to know the golf club that is right for you.

The Right Swing

The game of golf really hinges on how good your swing is. Since the purpose of the game is to get the ball in the hole, getting your swing right is what determines how well the ball is controlled. The correct posture must be assumed to get your swing right.. You are expected to stand at address, and the term Ďaddressí is really used to imply standing near and ready to hit. Assuming the correct posture, your heels are supposed to be about shoulder width apart. It is also important that you hit the ball in the right place to get it really moving. So the ball should be hit in the middle of the face of the club just above bottom part of the ball.

The Rules

Familiarize yourself with rules. The rules determine who wins. For you to win you must follow the rules, itís not just about getting the ball into the hole. How many time is the ball supposed to be hit per par? 5 over par?

These are only few of the things you need to familiarize yourself with to get to enjoy the game and be a better player but itís a good start.


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