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Jobs In The Golf Industry

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There are many job possibilities for you to find in the golf industry. If you have a love of golf and want to work closely with the industry, it’s easy to find a job that involves golf every single day. For some people, working in the golf industry is a dream job. What kinds of positions are available?

Club Pro – this golf job requires that you are a very good golfer with consistently high scores. Usually a golf pro job is held by someone who has been to golf teaching school and is a member of various professional organizations.

Greenskeeper – some people this is the most important golf job at a golf course. A greenskeeper is responsible for taking care of the greens (obviously). This person must have a knowledge of chemicals and know how to apply them so that the greens are lush and – well – green. The greenskeeper is also responsible for mowing the greens and taking care of the fringe.

Course manager – this job can be one of the most intense jobs at a golf club. This individual is responsible for directing and overseeing all operations of the golf course including management of personnel.

Golf shop staff – the people with this job assists and registers customers for play. They oversee merchandise control, take money for greens fees, and often assist with running of tournaments.

Starter - The starter maintains the starting times and tee sheet, and ensures that golfers get off the first tee in a prompt and orderly manner. This job is crucial in keeping the tee times on time. The starter also helps golfers find a game if they are by themselves. The starter is an important part of making sure customers will have a pleasant golfing experience.

Equipment mechanic - Golf courses use many different types of hand tools, cutting devices and motorized vehicles. This mechanic’s job would be responsible for keeping everything in working order is crucial to the facility's smooth operation.

Golf course maintenance - People most suited to work on the golf course maintenance team are those especially fond of nature and working with the land. This position usually reports early in the morning and is off work by 2:00 or 3:00 pm. This outside position could be responsible for cutting grass, irrigation, sodding, trimming, applying fertilizer and pesticides and much more.

Having a job where you work at a golf course is a great way to get out on the links as an insider at the golf club. When you pursue a job at a golf course, be sure you are qualified and then enjoy your new position!


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