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Three Popular Women Senior Golf Courses

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For years, women have been playing golf and the senior golf pros prefer courses that are not as long as the men's courses. They prefer courses that are considered "linked". There are three popular courses for women, although there more these three are the top of the list. The Chisholm Trail, Bandon Dunes and the Royal Links are the three top golf courses, which have shorter distances and are not as tricky as what the men play. One golf course the women want to stay away from is Whistling Straits. They do not feel this is a friendly course to play.

The Royal Links in Las Vegas is friendly golf course for women. The course is shorter and if the women senior golf player can avoid the sand bunkers, you can actually have a scoring game. The Royal Links is a walking course only, you will want a caddie to help you along the way. Every hole has a different theme, while the course is designed and styled after the golf courses from Scotland, Ireland and England. On the eighteenth hole, you will find no water at the Royal links, which is rare for a golf course. This course is definitely a ladies senior golf friendly course.

The Bandon Dunes in Oregon look out over the Pacific Ocean and have a spectacular view. This golf course has gained recognition for being the best links golf course in the United States. The course has a bounce and roll reputation, which the women like. There are however some high winds will have you playing more of a ground game. The wide fairways also make it easier to stay out of trouble. The course is also a walk only course as the Royal Links and you will want a caddie to take care of your equipment.

The Chisholm Trail gained popularity as a mom and pop golf course when an optometrist retired and used a farm tractor to make the course. The sand hills in Kansas are the hot spot for this golf course. Many senior golf players would rather play this course than any other. You will not see any water surrounding the course, but you will see sand dunes and firm fairways and grasses that are native to Kansas. If you need some experience with low shots and some rough grass, this is a golf course to play. Sometimes the winds are as much as thirty-five miles an hour, but it is not uncommon to have consistent winds of about fifteen miles an hour.

You can other popular courses around for a good game of senior golf as everyone differs and has a favorite course different from someone else. The entire idea about golf is to find courses that require a little creativity to play. This is how the golfers prepare themselves for the trickier golf courses that the PGA and LPGA play throughout the year. The courses played by the pros are usually more or less groomed and designed to attract the tours that are nationally televised.


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